That’s right, this is a giveaway ONLY for the new players of Flight Rising. (I WILL BE CHECKING!)

IF you are caught entering and you are NOT a new player I will ban you from all of my upcoming Giveaways.

Now that all that is out of the way..

Here are the prizes!


Caellum, 58499

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1950s Prom and Party Dresses: Green

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[FLIGHT RISING] New Members Giveaway! [ENDS APRIL 20, 2014] ›


To celebrate the new influx of registrations, I’m having an impromptu giveaway! I’ve got lots of fun stuff hoarded from playing throughout the winter, as well as some cute dragons and hatchlings I have no room for, so I’m hosting a giveaway to send some nice stuff to the newbies.


- You…

Flight Rising Newbie Giveaway! ›


First off, welcome to all the new members of Flight Rising! I’ve been a FR member for months, and I’ve accumulated quite a bit of gold and other valuable dragon goods. However, I haven’t really been very active on FR in a while. Obviously, this makes it time for a giveaway!

FIRST PLACE: 250,000…

Caellum, 58499


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Catamancy and Nicoulson meet the rad pens behind Lumberjanes and Nicoulson falls in love with their musical tastes…[Beach Ball Comics 4/10/14]


Basically the movie.

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Punk!Black Widow to go with Punk!Winter Soldier.
It’s been years since I’ve studied Latin so I probably butchered it, but you can’t see the full phrases anyway, but her back is supposed to say “Trust No One” and “Believe Nothing” while the Russian shoooouuuld say “remember”.

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In Which Diversity Isn't a Myth ›


Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to include as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some Russian creatures…

The Utonagan is a breed of dog that resembles a wolf, but in fact is a mix of three breeds of domestic dog: Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky.

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Eeeeeey peeps going to Wondercon that want to meet up (only people I actually know, like weunderstandthelights and astute-lab-rat and some other folks that I don’t know the URLs of anymore because you CHANGED THEM) - should we exchange numbers so our groups can find each other?

Also, you dudes that keep messaging me about meeting up even though I have never met you or even heard of you before you messaged me, go away. Seriously, it’s disgusting and creeping me out. Why the sudden influx of these messages anyway?


It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon

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